Informations about our company and our philosophy

Quick & safe access to many areas of facades that are not easily affordable by conventional scaffolding. Installation and decommission with speed , safety allows significant saving on programs and cost, its very much important to competent economical world.

HTC – an Established Company in UAE providing the best Services for many areas of FACADE ACCESS SYSTEMS, Easly affordable cradle system.Our Team has decades of Experience in providing innovative solutions to many demanded challenges of difficult access.

Our company provides sales, hiring, servicing and spare parts of building access equipment.We provide support services in Installation and decommission of equipment’s with cost effective solutions.

HTC- “SPECIALIST ACESS EQUIPMENT” Solutions providing boom climbing platforms and Suspended Cradles featuring excellent design, quality, and reliability, at competitive prices. We at HTC know clearly that quality is life of a company. In order to provide better-suspended access equipment, we employ experienced technicians who are certified in all types of installation and safety procedures of all suspended access systems.